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Precise dimensions or 3d CAD of Metal Servo Horn for Pwr HD

I think I will need to make my own shaft adapter in order to attach a timing gear to the spline of the power hd giant servo hd-1235mg motor that I just bought.

Essentially I want to mimic the center portion of the horn that is sold for that motor by Pololu (item #2374). The information I have on the spline is limited: I know from the hd-1235 spec sheet that it has 17teeth and a diameter of 8.80 mm.

Is there anyway I can have access to a more detailed drawing of the horn (item 2374) than the drawing provided? Is there CAD geometry available?

Are there any clever or off-the-shelf ways of attaching a shaft to this servo spline that I am not aware of?


Hello, Shane.

Other then using a screw and the servo spline, I do not know of a good way to attach something to the output of the servo. All the information we have for that servo is on its product page and datasheet. You might try contacting the manufacturer, Power HD, for additional information about the servo spline.

- Grant