Pre-crimped 0.1" pitch wires and Amp/FCI Mini-PV connector housings

My application requires a 1x25 housing which is not on your list of housings. I was hoping to use your pre-crimped wires with Amphenol/FCi Mini-PV Basics+ series of housings. The housings appear very similar to the un-named connectors you offer and have the correct latching tab location. The problem I am having is that the open end of the connector is slightly too tall and is VERY difficult to push into the housing. Once pushed in you can see a slight distortion in the housing plastic.

In this typical with your housings? If not, any tips?

I suppose I could buy one 20 and one 5 place housing from Pololu , but it would be less than optimal.



We have not heard of that kind of issue with our housings. Our crimp pins are made to work with our crimp pin housings. Unfortunately, I do not know of anything that would help make the pins fit your housings better.


Hi Grant,

Thank you for your quick response. I ordered 1x20 and 1x5 housings from Pololu. It won’t be a seamless solution, but should work for my application.

As a follow up. I received the Pololu housings which work great with the pre-crimped wires. In comparing the Amp Mini-PV housings with those from Pololu, there is a slight difference in the width of the plastic separating the pin receptacles as shown below:

Bottom line, if you want to use the pre-crimped wires from Pololu, its best to use their housings as well.