Powering NXP LPC1768 from a separate battery


Is it possible to by-pass the hard connection from VBST to the mbed and power it directly from another battery? I notice there are pin-outs available on the M3PI connector to VIN and Ground, but I am wondering if that would interfere with the default method of powering from the 3pi base pins?

All for now . . .

Jerry Guttman

Hello, Jerry.

The expansion board is setup to power the mbed from the output of the 9.25V boost regulator on the 3pi. You could cut the trace going from the VBST pin on the header from the 3pi base to the VIN pin on the mbed and then power it with a wire soldered to one of the other pins in the same Vin column. You can find more information about the expansion board power connections in the “Power” section of the m3pi user’s guide. Below is a picture from that section of the user’s guide that shows the trace that you would need to cut.

- Grant