Powering my project with single power source and regulator


I’m trying to power my project using one single power source and needs help on what options I have. My project consist of 2 arduino megas, 1 solenoid (12V 600mAH), and combination of hall-effect sensors and LEDs (5-12V ~1.5A ).
My plan is to use D24V5F5 to power the megas. Question is should I use 2 regulators to power each megas or 1 regulator to power one mega and piggy back the other one. Power the sensors and leds off of the power supply and the solenoid has it’s driver using TIP102 and a diode. I currently have a 12V 4.2Ah power supply that i’m planning to use but not sure if it’s enough to power everything.

I hope this is not too confusing. Thanks in advance!


The D24V5F5 regulator is a 5V regulator and the Arduino Mega 2560 needs between 7V and 12V to operate. You might consider using a step-up/step-down regulator to power your Arduinos instead. I do not see enough information to tell if your power supply is large enough to handle all of the items you listed. You should add up the total current needs of your system to see if the power supply can source enough current. You might consider a regulator like the D15V70F5S3 to power all of your 5V units.