Powering MC12 from Single Source

Do you have a schematic for powering a Maestro 12 from 1 power source? The example I’m finding on your site addresses a MC8 and I’m not seeing an apples to apples when it comes to VIN, VServo, VSRV. I don’t want to make assumptions and toast my board. On one of your pages it states “The recommended way to do this is to connect your power supply to the dedicated servo power pins in the corner of the board and use the included blue shorting block to connect the pins labeled “VSRV=VIN”.” I’ve got the servo power connected in the lower right corner, but I don’t know what the “included blue shorting block” is. thanks for your help.

Thank you for reading the user’s guide and being extra careful before making your connections. We don’t have the schematic diagram you are asking for, but this is what a blue shorting block looks like:

You can also see it in several of the product pictures for Mini Maestros.

You should have received one with your Mini Maestro.