Powering 12/24 v motors from Maestro?

HI, total newb here, figuring out things as I go. Using a Maestro 12, have 6v powering my existing servos. Now, I have use for a 12/24v servo, and want to see if I can control it from this board? I know it needs a separate power supply, and it has a 5V Signal Input. Here is the model…

Is it possible, and if so, what do I need? Thank you friends.


I do not see any reason you should not be able to control that servo using the Maestro. If you have other servos that require less than 12V, I suggest powering the 12V servo away from the Maestro, making sure to still have a common ground between the two, along with the signal wire connection.


Thanks for the reply! Would I use one of the servo regular servo outputs into the control input on the 12v servo? My main concern was that it’s a 0-5v input and I think I’m pushing 6v out. Not sure if that would affect anything. Thanks!


Hi, Mike.

The Maestro outputs 5V signals, and your servo should only be seeing those signals (not sending them), so I do not expect any problems.


Thank you. You guys are the best. I’ll be ordering many more things in the near future! I appreciate the customer service. Thanks!


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