To anyone that can help,

I am trying to power a Pololu micro servo controller with five pico motors and a onborad mircoprocessor in a small space. I am having trouble getting enough power for all of the motors. I was hoping somone could suggest the best type of battery for a small space and how much capacity is required for such an application.



The power you require depends on your servos and how much they are straining at any given point. However, most batteries will give you enough power, so the only difference you’ll see is in energy and, by extension, battery life. Lithium-based batteries have a high energy density, but they are more dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. The voltage is also not that great for servos since it jumps in increments of about 3.7 V, and you want around 4.8V.

Nickel-based battery packs will give you 4.8V when you use 4 cells, so that makes them an easy choice. NiMH packs based on 4 AAA cells are fairly small and cheap.

If you live near a hobby store, it might be a good starting point since they have all kinds of sizes of battery packs, and you’ll see how much energy you get in what volumes.

- Jan