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Power upgrade for 37D geared motor

I am using 37D 6:1 gearmotors in my RC car build. I am looking to upgrade the motors to more power using the current gearbox. Any suggestions?


Unfortunately, we do not have any more powerful brushed DC gearmotors than our 37D series, and I do not have any specific suggestions for more powerful motors that will be able to use our gearboxes.

Also, keep in mind that at the point you need to upgrade your motor power, your application might also be approaching or exceeding the limits of what the gearbox can handle, so you might need an altogether more powerful gearmotor. Since you are working on an RC car build, you might try finding something at a local hobby RC store or on websites for RC car part manufacturers, like Traxxas and Horizon Hobby.

- Patrick

Okay, thanks for your response. For info, I ran 19:1 37D’s at 24 volts to see how they would hold up in an instant full voltage start. Surprisingly. to me, the gearbox survived a couple of dozen 4 second runs (drag racing), but the motors didn’t fair so well. I have replaced them with the 6:1’s and have stuck to 12 volts. The are plenty of more powerful 540 motors out there that would be great, but I don’t think he can be adapted to the 37D gearbox. I guess I will buy one and see if I can make it work.