Power requirments


I recently picked up a Pololu Serial 8-Servo Controller

I do not have a manual, what voltage do I need to provide the servo and board to function properly?

Also there are leds on the board, what do they do? (blink on trx and rcv?)

Thank you

Hello dcrackel,

The user’s guide for the 8-servo controller can be found on the resources tab of the product page. Here is the link to it:


Please let me know if the manual doesn’t answer your questions, and I will be happy to help you out.

- Ryan

That is exactly what I was looking for

Thank you

What does the board do when it comes on?

I get a flicker out of the 3 led’s, but then nothing as best as I can tell.

Is there a command I can send it, that will force some type of response just so I can tell it’s working and I’m able to speak to the controller from my PC?

I’m using 4 AAA’s 6.2 volt for the controller board and a 7.2 nimh for the servo’s

More detail

I’m use 4 AAA’s in serial to make 6-6.2 volts at full charge for the logic board. when I plug int he battler the LED’s blink once, then nothing.

I connect to the board using the pololu communication tool. (I forget what it was called)

and send 1 to 6 byte commands, they look like they go but the board doesn’t respond.

Byte Sent
Byte Sent
Byte Sent

Type responses, with nothing shows received. I’m unsure if the commands are making it to the board, my guess is not.

What does the LED’s on board do during normal operation?
Is there a byte sequence that can be sent, that the board will always respond to, so I’m certain the board is receiving the commands?


The LED behavior is described on page 4 of the user’s guide (above and below the “Indicator LEDs” heading). If you’re getting all of the LEDs to flash, there’s probably something wrong with your power setup. If you connect just your logic power, and nothing else, you should see just the yellow LED turn on. Is that what you see?

- Jan

No, it’s only ever done what you’ll see in this video.
It’s 11 meg it might take a moment, it’s just about second 3 you’ll see the LED’s blink.

The board may be toasted?


Thank you for the help

It looks like you have a customized servo controller. Where did you get it?

- Jan