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Power multiplexer for 12v

Do you have any plan to offer a 12v power multiplexer using a TI TPS2121 or some equivalent? IF, I understand your item #2596 using a TPS2113A correctly, the TPS2121 would provide essentially the same capability for a 12v requirement. Specifically, I think I could use it with an AC switching supply providing 12v as one input and a deep cycle battery followed with your 12v regulator (item #2577) as the second input. If correct, I would use it to supply backup power for my WiFi modem and router and, some IOT devices. In the meantime, I’ll be working on a solution which provides the source switching and an LVD for the battery. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, Saylur.

Thank you for the suggestion. We do not have anything specific planned, but that is an interesting part, so we might do something with it in the future. We do not know of any equivalent product to recommend in the meantime.

- Ben