Power HD AR-3606HB torque test

My robot named TEMPER which is an acronym for: Terrestrial, Explorer, Mobile, Propeller-platform, Environmental, Rover. Shown here testing the new servos.

BTW: The steering servo is also a Pololu product.


Thank you for sharing your robot! TEMPER looks really cool.


Thank You, I failed to mention the servos I am using are four Power HD AR-3606HB CR, they performed exceptionally well @ 6v. My steering servo is a Power HD High-Torque Servo 1501MG, it provides plenty of power to steer my robot in any conditions. I also have two of your step up-step down boost regulators in my design. I hope to link some outdoor FPV soon, to place the robot in the element it was designed for. Being made of aluminum, stainless steel and nylon, I wanted it to withstand storms and send back weather and other sensor data.
My area of work now is concerned with weatherproofing the electronics, on there own deticated boards.


BTW, you can see more about my robot at:

Here is a photo o the Power HD AR-3606HB being removed from the aft starboard servo pod.