Power HD 2215s

I have 24-ch pololu servo drive. I can control MG996R servo 0-220 degree. However, I cannot achive with Power HD 2215S servo.
Neutral position : 1500us
Dead band : 5 us
Pulse width range 700-2300us

What is wrong?

I have Power HD 2215s. It has 220 degree limit. But I cannot travel 0 degree to 180 degree. I can achieve only 150 degree. Is it avaliable for 180 degree.


I merged your other post into this thread, since they are about the same issue.

Can you provide a link to your servo’s product page and its specifications? It is not clear that your Power HD 2215S servo can rotate 220 degrees like your MG996R servo. Please note that not all servos have the same rotation range (limit) and pushing them past their mechanical limits could damage them permanently. You might find reading this blog post about the servo’s control interface helpful.

- Amanda