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I have purchased HD 1501 MG form my project. It has 15 kg/cm stall torque at 2500 mA on datasheet. Thus I support my system with 5V and 5A transformator. Also my system only needs 6 kg/cm. But motor’s power is not enough. What can I do for this.



Since it sounds like you are using a servo, I moved your thread to the “Servo controllers and servos” subforum.

Can you elaborate what you mean by your “motor’s power is not enough”? Are you referring to the video you sent us via email, showing the jittery movements of both your servos? If so, it does look like a power issue. (It might be helpful to others, who are following this discussion, to post the video in this thread.)

Can you post pictures of your setup clearly showing all your connections (e.g. connections between your power supply, Maestro, and servo)? Do you get the same behavior if only one of your servos is connected to the Maestro? If you have a different servo, that you know works, can you try connecting it to your Maestro, disconnecting all your other servos, and moving the servo with the Maestro Control Center to see if you get the same behavior?

- Amanda

Hello again,

Thank you again for your attention. When I look the datasheet of HD1501MG, it says motor works with 2,3A stall current and stall torque 17 kg/cm in 6V. Necessary power to move my robotic arm is close to 10kg/cm. First I would like to show picture of my system.

Servo which is in the left moves fine. Other servo can’t lift the necessary load. As you can see system gets 0.56A current in 6V. My power supply can support 3A.

Thank you for reading,…

I did not see anything obviously wrong with the connections in your setup. How did you determine the amount of torque your robotic arm needs? Can you remove that servo from your robotic arm structure and test it without the load to see if that changes anything?

- Amanda

Sorry for late response. I uploaded a video to show how my robotic arm works. My servo motors were able to do that. But now it can’t even lift the arm. I have changed servo, i have changed my power supply. I have tried everything that i know. I wonder if i miss something. Thank you…

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLlqLPnuBaY

What changed in your setup between when it was working and was not working? Can you answer all of my questions in my previous post?

You mentioned changing your servo and power supply. What power supply are you currently using? A link to a datasheet or product page for it might be helpful. Is the new servo still a HD1501MG? Did you test the new servo with no load before using it in your system?

- Amanda

I am still using HD 1501 MG. I was using 5V 3A adaptor and it carried load. Now i am using same adaptor(new one). It works fine when there is no load. But i dont understand why it wasused to work and it is not working now

At this point it seems that the problem is caused by your robotic arm. How did you determine the amount of torque your robotic arm needs?

You might try manually moving the arm, specifically the part of the arm that the servo is suppose to move, and check for any unexpected resistance that could cause the servo to stall.

- Amanda