Power Arduino with lipo battery 7.4V or 11.1V

I want to power my Arduino Uno with lipo 7.4V or 11.V . If I understand well, I have just to have a voltage regulator and connect it between the lipo and the Arduino. Is it correct or if I need more?

Also, which voltage regulator do I need?

I’m waiting for yours answer

Hi, Nick210.

The recommended input voltage of the Arduino Uno when powered through the DC jack or VIN pin is 7 - 12,V, but that the full range is 6 - 20V so it is probably fine for you to just directly connect one of those LiPo batteries to the board even though the voltage of the fully charged 11V battery will be a little above 12V.


Thanks for your answer but.
It’s not a good idea to connect lipo directly to Arduino cause the discharge value (30 - 50C), that’s why I look for voltage regulator to reduce the power.

Connecting a power supply like your LiPo battery to the Arduino will not force all the energy stored in the battery into the board; the Arduino will only draw the current it needs to operate.