Possible to reverse the R/C servo Multiplexer?

I’m new to electronics so please excuse me if I fumble this question. Can the 4 channel R/C servo multiplexer be use in a Reverse configuration? It seems to me that 4 channel R/C servo multiplexer works by taking two separate sets of channels and directs them to one connection. I would like the reverse of that. I have one source but would like to select from one of two connections.

Can the The Pololu RC servo multiplexer be setup to do that? If not is there something else out there that could?


I think I spoke to you on the phone today, but basically, you probably just need a Y cable on each channel.

- Jan

Thanks Jan…

I’ve got a power question?

In my application I have two isolated power systems because the receiver is really sensitive to power draws i.e. “brown out” from servo malfunctions. The other power system is fully dedicated to the servos and it is this source I need the Multiplexer to use.

Can the Multiplexer draw power from the MASTER channel while the selection is set to SLAVE? Or does the Multiplexer need to draw power from both Master and Slave channels respectively for that selection to work? In my setup, the Slave channels are powered directly from the receiver and can not be drawn on by the Multiplexer. So if I only fully power the Master Channels and the Pin the Slave Channels only with a signal wire will that isolate the Slave Channels from power drawing?

If it helps I have a block wiring diagram of how I would like to set this up. Let me know and I’ll email it to you.

The mux and outputs always powered by the master power connections. If you look at the kit and bottom view pictures, you can see how the power row (middle row) is connected on the PCB.

- Jan