Position control resolution

what is the spec resolution of the linear motors? (for example, LACT12P-12V-10)
What is the model with the highest resolution?

Thank you,

Hello, Yakir.

We have not extensively characterized what kind of precision is possible with our linear actuators or how much the precision varies between actuator models, but that will likely depend on other parts of your system like what device you use to read the feedback and control it. We generally suggest using one of our Jrk G2 USB Motor Controllers with Feedback for that, and you can find instructions for how to use the Jrk with our linear actuators at the bottom of each actuator’s product page.

Also, in case it helps with the resolution question, in some basic unloaded tests using our Jrk motor controllers with the light-duty (LD) Glideforce linear actuators, we were able to get repeatable precision better than 0.25 mm (measurement limitations of our setup prevented us from determining just how much better). However, these result might not be representative of what is possible in setups with other conditions.

- Patrick

Thank you Patrick