Position changed - Servo DSM44 and Servo Controller 1350

I use DSM44 with Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller. I use all 6 channel and all connected to DSM44.

Today, I heard squeaking noise from servos and shut it down right away.

After resert, I notice all servo position changed - all servos neutral position has been changed.

I can move servo using Mestro Control Center but range of motion shifted.

Is there anyway I can change neutoral position of servo?

I have 12 channel servo controller but position is exactly same with 6 channel controller. So assume problem in servo.



Hello, Hiro.

From your description, it sounds like either the servo horns slipped on the spline or some internal gears might have slipped. Either way, it seems like you could probably account for the offset to the neutral position by adjusting your servo horn. Did they all change by the exact same amount?

It might be possible that if some of the internal gears slipped in a servo that it could run into a physical endstop that it couldn’t reach in its usable range before, so you might try slowly running each of them through their range of motion to make sure they are still working throughout.

If adjusting the servo horn does not fix the problem you are seeing, can you try describing the issue in more detail? A video or pictures might be useful too.


Hi Brandon,
Thank you for your quick reply.

All servo mounted with physical stop. And when servo went crazy, all servo went to the direction where phsyical stop is. Looks like ground connection got loose and it may run servo wild.

I see one servo isn’t working propery but all other 5 servo seems working with new offset. I will replace broken one with new one.



I found another servo is damaged also.

5 out of 6 has very hard physical stop and two of it has been damaged.

Servo moves but it also change position while it supposed to maintain position. One does often and another one does less frequently.