Porting Sample codes

Sir, I want to know If it is possible to port sample codes of the 3pi robot which uses the atmega328 uc to a development board of Atmega32 using the same pololu’s 3pi library reference

Of course it will be possible to port at least some of the examples over. You will probably have to make a bunch of modifications to the library to support your development board. For example, if your board does not have an LCD, you will have to remove all of the LCD code. You will have to deal with the different clock frequency. Interrupt vectors might have a different structure. Any special registers might work differently on your board. How difficult all these changes will be depends on your coding skill. Do you have a 3pi for comparison?


Acutally now i don’t have the 3pi.I left it with a friend of mine in texas…Presently i am in india…For some project work and development…For which i need to port sample codes of the 3pi here in a development board of atmega32. That is why i asked…Let me see…If it run…I am working on a warfare project…will upload it if it is a success