Port address for USB programmer on COM3

I want to use my Orangutan USB programmer to send data to my Orangutang. The DemoProgram4 works fine with hyperterm.exe, any text I type is displayed in the Orangutan LCD.

I have installed a PHP extension that lets me send data to the serial port, but it needs the decimal value of the port you want to send to. My USB programmer is on COM3, and I think the correct port address in Windows is ‘03E8’ (decimal 1000?). However, when I try nothing comes through. (The jumper on the programmer is in Serial mode)
Does the programmer actually have a fixed port address? Or does it work differently because its a USB device emulating the serial port?
If that is the case, would a standard USB to serial converter work?

I figured out I could send data to ports 0 to 5000 in a loop to see if anything would show up on the Orangutan LCD. This cunning plan backfired with a sudden reset, I guess I didn’t make my computer very happy by poking at all its private parts :unamused: