Pololu's LC circuit at AVcc on A*s, seek advice

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You folks are one of very few that include the inductor at AVcc, as recommended in Atmel App Note 1080 (XMEGA E Schematic Checklist). Of all the datasheets and app notes from Atmel, that particular one is only one that specifies a particular ferrite on page 3. Thing is, it is SMD, as is your folks components on your boards, and am not yet ready to make jump over from THT. Compound this with my lack of knowledge, and problem that I cannot determine a direct crossover from this SMD component to the needed THT.

Would Pololu share with me what component/ref they use on their A* boards for the inductor at AVcc? Perhaps even a recommendation on a THT component that cross-refs?

This project is an update to an nRF24 radio sensor node I perhaps posted in re here several years back. Built on a proto board, and in continuous service for most of that time, I am designing my first PCB in KiCAD. I want to make some little tweaks and upgrades to the design, while recycling the 328P DIP chips, and few stuffs, onto the new boards.

Few candidates for needed component based on my limited knowledge:
Bourns 78F series (wire wound)
Generic EC24 10uH inductor
Fair-Rite 43 series, ferrite bead on lead
Laird 28L series, bead on lead
For power supply:
Murata 1100-series 10uH radial lead

Thank you very much for anyone’s input on my situation!
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PS: Photo of old proto board node


We do not commit to a particular part for that component, but the inductor we currently use for our Arduino-compatible boards including the A-Stars is the Murata LQM18FN100M00D.

Thanks for sharing the picture of your project! We’d be happy to hear more about it.


Aloha Tony

Sure, sure…I get that.

Yep, that is what I was looking for. Parts comparison for THT component.

I think though, I will have to forego the inductor for several reasons. As in 1. it is an 8-bit chip, 2. I toss out first reading, 3. take oversample of analog readings, and 4. this is a non-commercial product, positioned away from other sources of EMI/RFI. (EDIT: and 5. these THT inductors are freakin huge.) Which is where I was before someone elsewhere stuck bug in my ear regarding EM noise filtering.

Of course, this is something I look forward to addressing with scaling-down to SMD components.

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