Pololu Zumo32U4 motor speeds vs cm/s conversion


For the Zumo32U4, does anyone have a table that converts the motor speed in the code (a value from 0 to 400) into something more practical like cm/s or in/s. Is there an equation to make such a conversion?


The max speed for each version is listed in a table on the product page (for example, here), and the relationship between the duty cycle and speed is approximately linear. So, you could try mapping 0 to 0 cm/s and 400 to the top speed (depending on which gear ratio motors you’re using). However, please note that brushed DC gearmotors like this can have a fair amount of unit-to-unit variation (±10% or more), so you would probably need to do some empirical testing with your specific unit to get more accurate results.

Additionally, for more accuracy, you could consider using the encoders for closed-loop speed control.