Pololu Zumo Robot (Finished Project) :)


I am back again with good news.

I,ve been a little bit busy but finally I have finished my project.

My Pololu Zumo Robot

I have attached a IR sensor so it can be driven as an RC Robot.

Also an Ultrasonic Sensor so it can avoid obstacles.

It has a Zumo reflectance sensor array so it can follow lines as it was designed for.

Here I let you some videos so you can see it in action.


avoiding obstacles (Blue spots on video are camera reflections)

Hope you like it :smiley:

Sorry for my poor english.


Great job finishing your project! Thanks for sharing. We plan to share this on our blog soon.


Very cool, nice and clean, I like that. 07

Nice bot, I’ve just ordered my Zumo chassis, what motor ratio did you use, in fact which motors did you use. It looks like it can move very fast when you give it a chance… My bot’s todate have been slowish/medium speed.

Keep up the good work and lets see how it goes!!

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