Pololu Useage Policy Question

Ok… say I build the next greatest neato thing. but my neato thing has some Pololu parts in it. What are my do’s and don’ts on the selling of that device.


We would love it if the next greatest thing was built with our products. If you are asking from a legal perspective, there isn’t much to it, just like you don’t need to consult with Home Depot before selling your house even if you fixed it up with some parts from there. We would probably object if you advertised your product to make it look like it was made by us or endorsed by us. From a logistical perspective, you should check with us about long-term availability of components before building them into your products, and if your volume is big enough, you might talk to us about things like customizing a product to better fit your application. This might also involve things like changing the configuration utilities for USB products like the Maestro servo controllers if you want to put your own branding on them.

- Jan

Excellent. my current thought would use 2 products off your shelves. which would make up the bulk of the device (no… not the Wi-tank) But it’s good to know, always better to ask first. :wink: