Pololu USB to serial on Linux


I have the Pololu USB to serial adapter, I work on linux, but my Fedora Core 5 (kernel 2.6.16-1) don’t load any module for the adapter.

I read in the Pololu site that new distro version have build-in support for the CP2102 chip (I suppose tha this the chip in the pololu adapter), so may be my linux kernel module is to old for the adpater, so I want to ask if anybody can help me to update my usbserial kernel module or tell me where can I find the new sources for the usbserial to work with the pololu adapter in my fedora core 5, I have lote of expierience in compiling kernle modules.

In advance, thank you very much.

Mauricio Henriquez

The module you need is found in kernel/drivers/usb/serial/cp2101. Kernel 2.6.17 was the first to include the device id for the Pololu USB Serial Adapter, so your options are to either upgrade to the latest kernel or add our device id to the table in cp2101.c. Specifically, you need to put

       { USB_DEVICE(0x10C4, 0x803B) }, /* Pololu USB-serial converter */

in the usb_device_id id_table. Recompile that module and the device should automatically be recognized.

thanks for your help, I found the cp2101.ko module, but I can’t find the cp2101.c or the module source, I google to try to find the module source, buy I can’t find anything.
Can you tell me where can I find the lasted sources??, I know how to compile a kernel module and even I can rebuild the kernle module from other kernel,but I need the sources.



Is there any particular reason you want to recompile the module yourself? How about just updating to the latest kernel with ‘yum update kernel’ or through the graphical interfaces provided by Fedora Core 5? I recommend that you just update everything in the standard way, to save yourself from other problems that you will have with an out-of-date system.

The kernel sources can always be downloaded from kernel.org, but major distributions like Fedora always introduce their own modifications, so you should be careful if you choose this route.