Pololu USB SDK and Maestro program settings


Im making my own C# GUI application for controlling servos with maestro board. Im using Pololu USB SDK.

Im building my application on MaestroEasyExample, so far i made a slider with which i set the servo angle on channel 0, but and its being executed only when i press button (the function i use is “TrySetTarget(0, (ushort)(trackBar1.Value * 4));”)

And i have question. When i launch maestro program i can define settings like Speed and acceleration and min/max range.
Are those settings only applicable to the Maestro program or are they stored in controller and they will be still active when ill be using simple program i made?

By maestro program i mean Maestro Control center


Parameters such as the ones you mentioned are stored in the non-volatile memory of the Maestro. Once they are configured for your application, you should not need to set them again unless you want to change them.


Ok, so when i set and save them with Maestro control center they are also valid if i use a simple program?

Is there a way to set those parameters using C# USB pololu SDK?

I set the required parameters on my own Maestro 12 using Maestro control center but for example, when i change the parameters in maestro control center (because im testing something etc.) when i go back to my C# program and run it, i want it to set them back to suitable values.

There are two places within the Maestro Control Center where the speed and acceleration settings can be changed. Under the “Channel Settings” tab, the speed and acceleration (along with the Min and Max) default settings can be changed. The settings in this tab will be saved on the Maestro’s EEPROM, and each time the Maestro is reset or power cycled, it will apply these settings. In the “Status” tab, when the speed or acceleration is changed, the setting will only last for the current session, until the Maestro is reset or power cycled.

The settings stored in the Maestro’s EEPROM will apply no matter what program you use to set the target.

These parameters can also be changed through the SDK. The Usc class has the source code for doing this. It sounds like the setSpeed, setAcceleration, and setUscSettings commands are probably what you are interested in.