Pololu USB Programmer 1300

Does anyone sell the 1300 USB programmer in a case/enclosure? We’d like to use it to send to our field service staff, but don’t want to send the bare board and dont really want to create our own housing.


We don’t have a case, and I doubt anyone would make one for this. By the time you add the cost of a case, you would be almost at the cost of the Atmel AVRISP, which has a case and has more features. Do you not like their programmer?

- Jan

Their case is much bigger and bulky. I like your compact design, it would be nice to have a case that would fit it for $3-5 or so in quantities of 50-100.

While we always try to make our circuit boards as small as reasonably possible, I didn’t think of the size for a programmer in particular as a big deal. Can you get by with just shrinking some clear heat shrink around the board? I think I remember someone lamenting that the ISP connector is not right-angle, but you could plug in the 6-pin cable and then heat shrink the whole length of the board. It might look ugly, but it could be functional and compact.

- Jan

That’s certainly an idea. We’ll have to give this some thought. Thanks.