Pololu USB AVR Programmer and VirtualBox

This one:

Is it possible to use it with Windows XP, which is a VirtualBox guest inside a Linux host?


We have not tried that configuration, but the programmer is usable for us under an Ubuntu guest running within VirtualBox on Windows Vista and 7 hosts. I would expect its COM port to work about as well as that of any other USB-serial device in your configuration.

There is one big problem that we have noticed with our VirtualBox configurations - for some reason, the device can usually only be accessed once, after which further requests time out until the device is either physically unplugged and plugged back in or else logically disconnected and reconnected with the VirtualBox USB device menu. Depending on what you are trying to do, that might be extremely annoying, but it might also happen with other USB-serial devices.

In the Linux VirtualBox, is there an option for sharing a linux tty device as a windows COM port? If so, that might be the best way to go.


There is and I tried it; sharing ttyS0 works, but ttyACM0 does not (the virtual machine fails to start). I was thinking maybe there was a trick to get it to work.

Anyways, I’m using avrdude to program my AVRs, but it would’ve been nice to pragram then from within AVRStudio.

I see. Do you have the option of sharing the USB device directly?


There’s only a “USB controller” to be shared and, optionally, filters can be applied, but I can’t specifically share USB device “X”.

Okay, well, if you have filters, you could try matching our vendor id (0x1ffb) and/or product id (0x0081).