Pololu USB AVR Programmer #1300

I have an HPpavilion laptop with Windows Vista, and I have the Pololu item 1221: Baby Orangutan B-328 + USB Programmer Combo. My windows Vista cannot find a driver for the USB Programmer. Need a workaround or the driver. Of course I’ve tried everything that’s possible to find the driver, but not luck.



You are referring to two different USB programmers. The title of the thread is referring to the newer general purpose USB AVR programmer, but the Baby Orangutan + USB Programmer Combo you referred to (#1221) uses the older Orangutan USB programmer. The installation process for these two programmers will be different based on which one you have.

If you have our newer USB AVR programmer (#1300), you can find the drivers under the “Resources” tab of its product page. I recommend going through the “Pololu AVR Programming Quick Start Guide” (which you can also find on the “Resources” tab) to set up your programmer.

If you are using the older Orangutan USB programmer (which comes with product #1221), the installation instructions can be found in sections 4 and 5 of its user’s guide, which you can find under the “Resources” tab on its own product page. The drivers and associated downloads can also be found in the “Resources” tab.


Thank you very much for your help. Actually I bought the #1302 combo, so my programmer is the newer one.
Got it working, and been flashing the test *.hex files. No problem compiling or flashing.
I don’t know how I missed theResources tab on that Pololu page. I started with the Quick Start guide, and thought that was enough.
Now I need a second uart on my baby-O, and of course it will have to be a software uart. I found a few online that might do the trick, so the rest is up to me now.

Thanx again