Pololu uav

Hi guys,
I have been recently playing with some UAV for some department tests and I was thinking that an ambitious project would be to produce a pololu educational UAV using off the shelves components.
The recent developments of the ardupilot:
diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show … st%3A44814
makes me wonder if a semi DIY solution can be realized for the hobbyst.

What people do usually is to get an ardupilot and then modify an RC toy plane or helicopter,
so maybe is a great idea to do a standard platform where everybody can experiment
their algorithms.



When you say “standard platform”, are you mostly talking about the mechanical part (e.g. the airplane)? Or are you looking for an alternative to the ardupilot, in which case, what do you not like about it that makes you want an alternative?

- Jan