Pololu servo controller code help

is there anyone who have some qbasic or freebasic code i can look at…
i have the 16 servo version…
and im not good at this so i really need something to look at … and im using freebasic when im programming lpt…



I haven’t seen any qbasic or freebasic sample code on this forum, but I imagine you can find something if you google around. For example, a search for “qbasic SSC code” turned up a number of results, including this pdf that has a snippet of qbasic code in it for sending a Mini SSC servo command (move servo 5 to position 200) over serial port COM1:


The Pololu serial controllers support the popular Mini SSC protocol, and there are probably a lot of Mini SSC code examples out there for you to look at. Once you’re comfortable writing a qbasic program that uses the Mini SSC protocol, it would be fairly easy for you to change your code to use the Pololu protocol (should you want access to the additional features it provides).

- Ben

thx for you answer … it help me a bit

ahh after like 5 h it works … :stuck_out_tongue: