Pololu Serial 8-Servo Controller VB6

I need to send commands to your part #727 amplifier from VB6. can you
give me a sample please.

Thank you,
Bob Hiller

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Hi, Bob.

We noticed that you emailed us this question as well as posting it here. In the future, please let us know if you decide to ask a question through both the forum and email. I have copied my reply below in case anyone else has a similar question:

Unfortunately, we do not have any example code for communicating with that controller using Visual Basic. However, instead of the Serial 8-Servo Controller, I would recommend using one of our Maestro USB Servo Controllers.

The Maestro is newer and better than the serial servo controllers in almost every way, and you might find this forum thread on using the Maestro with VB6 useful.

If you do decide to use the serial servo controller, you can find documentation on all of its serial commands in its user’s guide, which is located under the Resources tab of its product page.

The Resources tab also has a link to a tutorial on using the controller with C#. In addition, if you search online for something like “vb6 serial port” you should be able to find sample code for sending bytes to a serial port, which you could use with the controller.


Hi Bob,

We have developed 2 ActiveX objects that you can use as plugins to your Visual Studio or any GUI IDE to harness the functionality of either the Serial 8 Servo Controller or the Maestro products.
I concur with the moderator that you will have more powerful capability using the Maestro. I too started with the Swerail 8 servo and felt like you do now. We have a lite version of the activeX which I think will get you up and running fastest:

Main Weblink

Download Link


Please note this is a shareware version and has a limitation in that you can only send a max of 20 commands to the Maestro controller.

Also please note this activeX is only meant for the Maestro controllers. If you must have the Serial 8 Servo controller you will need the Server ActiveX object but the commands are quite more extensive and will take a little more effort and is a bt more expensive even for Individual use but is worth it if you want to make corporate applications as it has TCP capability (we have a client ActiveX that will work with the Server ActiveX and that is free but needs the Sewrver ActiveX).

Last but not least we have our own additional hardware such as cameras and you will see those functions but will only be applicable after you obviously plugin in those devices.



Hi Bob,

One additional note the Server ActiveX has support for the Maestro controllers by default if you must have Serial 8 Servo controller active we can walk you through which property to disable to allow you to execute functions for the Servo 8 controller. It is all documented but will be happy to walk you through the process if you wish to try any of the ActiveX’s