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Pololu rubber wheel melting

RCTech Forum Question



Arun Veeramany

to me
1 day ago


I have the following parts.

BLDC (Sensorless) 5mm shaft and ESC (The link contents have changed but the spec below is what I used)
GoolRC 3660 3300KV Brushless Motor 60A ESC 6V/3A BEC for 1/10 RC Car USA P3F9

Spektrum 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 30C Smart LiPo Battery IC3

Scooter/Skate Wheel 70×25mm - Black

Pololu Aluminum Scooter Wheel Adapter for 5mm Shaft

Yvolution Neon Glider Kids’ Led Light-up Scooter - Green : Target

Then attached a plank to the scooter from front to 1/2 ft beyond the tail of the scooter on the footrest. Below the plank attached the motor and wheel. Above the plank fitted the controller, battery and an Arduino board.

The arming is done by sending in angles of 60 to 85 twice. First time I get 3 beeps. Second time, I get 1 beep. Third time, the wheel starts spinning (I tried setting angles at 90, 100, 120).

  • the wheel is touching the ground
  • it does not spin but the motor revs up
  • if I lift the plank, it spins wonderfully
  • when I place it back on the floor, it moves but something is wrong
  • tire gets heated up, smells, causes black streaks on the floor, then stops
  • motor too gets wildly heated

Is this wrong choice of motor, controller or wheel?
If the wheel is a wee bit not straight, does this happen?

Appreciate all you help!


Is the wheel melting because it is “burning out”, as in skidding while spinning at high speed without getting traction? If so, that might indicate that your motor is not suitable for your application (for example, it might have too much speed and not enough torque to drive your scooter effectively).

That wheel is a pretty standard generic scooter/skate wheel. We are not familiar with your other components (nor with motorized scooters in general), so you might get some better answers from a community more focused on that topic.