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Pololu robot race charging

I am a complete newbie in the robotic world. I would like to make a robot race where the robot gets charged while staying on the track in some sort of pit stop. The condition of the race is that once the race gets started you are not allowed to take the robot off the race track, not even for charging. Does anyone have any ideas or links they could share with me? The charging doesn’t have to be limited to the pitstop idea. It could be something else.
Thank you in advance.

Sorry i’m a complete newb to programming however perhaps you could use magnetic terminals for charging. Perhaps solder the charging wires to some neodymium magnets. Theoretically the robot could drive over (if the track is built on plywood or something you can cut a hole in), or beside the magnetic charging cables and they could just snap into place. It would be a fine line as it would have to be strong enough to attach but weak enough to allow the robot to pull away easily. Couldn’t you just use higher capacity batteries? 18650 batteries have a high capacity. You may be able to use some sort of inductive charging system it could drive over. Bellow are some links to wireless charging receivers. Although unless you already have a phone wireless charging dock it would not be cost efficient. Also you would need to have the charging practically touching it.

Sounds like a great idea. I was also thinking about some sort of charging
through the side of the track where the robot would be in continues contact
the side of the track and be charged all the time. Though it wouldcreate
friction and slow it down…

venligst Qazaz

Is the track round? This may sound a bit dumb but you could just have a slightly springy (think old phone wire) attached to a pole in the center of the track that would attach to the robot. It wouldn’t even need batteries could just stay plugged in the entire time lol. if its a different shape perhaps you could look into a cable car/trolley approach.