Pololu RC Switch with Digital Output

I’m trying to figure out what exactly this switch does. My goal is to have the output from an RC receiver turn on/off a motor through some device that can take the place of a flip switch. Does anyone know if the Pololu RC Switch with Digital Output will work?


I’m not sure what you mean by flip switch, but our RC switch could be used with a relay to replace just about any kind of switch. We expect to be coming out with some other versions later this month that have some extra parts on there to make driving a relay easier; with the existing unit, which just drives an I/O line high, you would need to add a transistor to drive the relay coil.

- Jan

Will you be coming out with a version that can take a higher voltage (7v is pretty low)?

That hasn’t been something we considered. Typically, something close to 5V is available from the RC receiver; is that not the case for you?

- Jan

I have an external power source (2-3 cell lipo, 7.4-11.1v). I’ve attached a picture of the basic layout of what I’m working with. I want to replace the mechanical switch with the Pololu RC Switch. There will of course be an RC receiver in the diagram after I replace the mechanical switch.

Well, you’ll need something to power the receiver, and that source can also supply the RC switch. However, looking at your drawing, why don’t you just get an electronic speed control (ESC). If you get a one-directional one, it’s pretty cheap, and it will probably have the BEC feature to power your receiver.

- Jan

Great idea, but I already have a an ESC hooked up to my Rx. What I am trying to do is put an electric airsoft gun in my RC plane. So I already have an ESC/BEC hooked up to my Ch1 for the propulsion motor. Is it still possible to hook a second ESC up to a ch5 or 6?

There should be no problem hooking up multiple ESCs to a single receiver. If they have BEC, you should make sure just one of them is actually powering the receiver (you might have to disconnect just the red power wire in the 3-pin servo cable).

- Jan

Awesome! I’ll try it out tonight. Thanks for the help!