Pololu Raspberry Pi bot

Where can I get directions for my srudents to build the Raspberry Pi Bot?
Thanks in Advance


Could you be more specific about what product/robot you are referring to?


Item 4396
Romi robot kit gor FIRST with obstacle and reflectance sensors

Product #4396 was a special product set up for a custom order, and we do not have specific documentation for using all of those parts together. I recommend you consult with the person you got it from for instructions on how to use it.

You can find information about the base Romi Robot for FIRST on it’s product page, and you can find additional resources such as 3D models, libraries, and user’s guides under the “Resources” tab.

Similarly, you can find information and resources about the reflectance sensors and distance sensor that came with item #4396 on their respective product pages:

Additionally, you can find FIRST documentation and resources for using their WPILib software with the Romi Robot on their “Getting Started with Romi” page.