Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch

Sorry for the newbie question. I just saw your Pushbutton Power Switch and I think that would be great to add to my robot. I have a battery pack that has a y connection so that the power runs to both the Arduino and to my motors (unregulated). Can I replace my Y connection with your Pushbutton Power Switch? Can I connect the battery to one of the VIN and then have one VOUT go to the Arduino and the other VOUT go to the motors? Thanks for your help!


That would be fine as long as your application doesn’t draw more than 5A. If it does draw more than 5A, you really should connect your battery to both VIN pins and your motors to both VOUT pins (and split off Arduino power from your motor power), since using a single pin would exceed the current rating for that pin.

- Ben

Great! I’m using 2 of the 50:1 Micro Metal Gearmotors from Pololu, which only draw 0.36A stall so I should be fine connecting the motors to one VOUT and the Arduino to the other VOUT. Thanks for your quick response.