Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch latching

Hi, I need a latching power switch for an application and the Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch SV #750 is almost perfectly suited for my purpose. The only problem is that I have a momentary 12 volt pulse for about 1 second that I need to use as the toggling signal. It looks like the 750 switch needs a momentary short to ground rather than a positive voltage pulse. Does anyone have any idea how it could be adapted for my requirement?

Thanks, Adrian


The switch does not use just a short to ground to toggle. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be practical to modify our product to match your requirement.

- Jan

Could a FET be soldered in place of the switch? 12V is the gate voltage, and since to current flows from the gate in a FET, you wont be sending 12V anywhere it shouldn’t be.

Possibly add a capacitor to shorten the pulse.

I think it’s not that easy since both sides that the switch connects to move, so you have to worry about things like parasitic diodes and getting gate voltage(s) above the source(s). Maybe a couple of back-to-back FETs of the right kind is all you need. We’ve had marginal results with piezo switches, but you might look at how some of those are set up for more ideas.

- Jan