Pololu psw01a power controller


I’ve got several Pololu psw01a power controller boards.

I use them with my Arduino boards to turn the power on/off to the Arduino.

However, I can’t find the part listed here anywhere. Is it no longer made?


Hi, Jim.

I moved your post from the Product Suggestions forum to the Other Pololu Products forum.

Unfortunately, our website doesn’t make it easy to search for those kinds of codes yet. We are still making these boards. There are two products that have that code on the PCB:
[ul][li]Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch LV [/li][li]Pololu Pushbutton Power Switch SV[/li][/ul]
- Ryan

Hi, I too am interested in this switch. (The above link does not seem to work) I just purchased one. I plan to use it on a little Arduino based board I’m making. I’m designing my own pcb in eagle, and am wondering about just buying the components and adding this directly to my pcb. This would make it all look neat and smaller. Do you give out a list of the components, and the schematic? Would you sell a kit of just these components? That would be great if you do.

Ps. I purchased the SV version, as my project uses 12 volts.


Thank you for pointing out the problem with the links; they have been fixed now.

We do not give out a list of components used on either of our pushbutton power switches, but you can look at the general circuit in the patent.

As an alternative solution you might consider designing your pcb in a way that allows for our pushbutton power switch to be directly mounted to it.