Pololu Programmer USB Drivers

I need to install the drivers for Pololu USB AVR Programmer in a silent or quiet mode.
Everything works great when manually right-clicking on pgm03a.inf and selecting Install,
but I don’t get how to achieve this in a silent way.

I am using:
Windows 7 64 bit, sp 1
USB AVR Programmer Windows Drivers and Software release 091222

Could someone please help me?

By “silent”, do you mean you don’t want a message box to be displayed to the user? I don’t know of any way to do that. I think it is unlikely to be possible because the drivers are unsigned and also not tested by Microsoft.

I’m curious, what you are making?


I will install the drivers in a corporate environment. The IT system for handling all installations does not support “click’n’enter”-instructions. I must install all software using switches like /q for quiet or /s for silent etc.

That’s why I need to solve how to make a silent installation of the drivers. I don’t think I am the first one with this problem, but I havn’t found any good solution yet. Perhaps someone else here knows anything about this issue?