Pololu PGM03a programmer issue


I am hoping someone can help me with an issue I amhaving with the programmer.
I am trying to use it on a XP machine. When I plug it in I get no LED activity and no new hardware indications.
Having read and intalled everything I think I need from the user guide I still shows nothing.
I therefore thought I would try to reflash the firmware.
Seeing as it is not recognised in windows I used the bootloader pads.
Doing this gets the green LED to flash when I plug it in to the PC but windows reports a hardware issue “Found New Hardware - A problem occured and hardware might not work correctly”.
Nothing else happens, nothing appears in device manager.

Can I salvage this or is it officially “DEAD”.

many thanks for any advice.


Hello, Garry.

I’m sorry you are having trouble.

Did the programmer ever work for you or previous owners of it?

That’s a good sign that you got the green LED to flash. When the programmer is in that state, do you see any entry for it in the Device Manager? Be sure to check the “Other Devices”, “Ports (COM & LPT)”, and “Pololu USB Devices” categories if they are visible.

Do you have another USB A to Mini-B cable you can try, in case the cable is the problem?