Pololu Original 3pi Line following and PID line following

Hello! I’m new at using Pololu and I bought the original 3pi 2 years ago, but I’m only using it recently and haven’t used it much. Is it possible for the 3pi to line follow a course with intersections? And when I tried the example code for pid line following, the bot would automatically power off after calibrating. I really need help with understanding this.

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From your description of the robot automatically powering off, it sounds like it is likely a power issue. So, I suggest using fully-charged batteries and seeing if that fixes the problem.

Our line following code does not have any special logic for handling intersections. However, our maze solving code does. So, you might try using that as a reference to write your own line following program. You can find details about our maze solving example in the “Example Project #2: Maze Solving” section of the 3pi Robot user’s guide.

By the way, I fixed the title of your post to correct “Pololu” (instead of “Polulu”).