Pololu micrometal 50:1 and solarbotics wheels rw2 external screws cant seem to fit it?

I have a pololu motor and solarbotics wheels it seems that it cannot fit all the way it is hard to push it all the way. Can i apply some oil here? Will the motor will not malfunction if i put some oil?


Before applying lubricant to the shaft, you should make sure that nothing is blocking the shaft (like the set screw or some burrs in the hole). If you are just applying oil to the output shaft, you are probably okay. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble getting the wheel onto the shaft.


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Yes I already remove the screws and put some oil in it but it is still hard to put in. Do u have any ideas or techniques to push it all the way it seem that there are no clearance on the wheels the hole is exactly 3mm?

We checked some units here and they do appear to be a very tight fit. We are checking with Solarbotics to get more information about what might have changed. In the meantime, can you just drill out the holes on your wheels a little?


Oh thank you for your response okay i will try im glad that my item is not
the only one fitted thank you.