Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller

Hi, I bought a Pololu Micro Serial 8 Servo Controller for RS232 serial servo.
I found that the servant sending the value 0x00 and 0xFE, (Mini SSCII mode) with makes a complete rotation, is only 1 / 3.
If I replace the address of 1 slave with the value 0x08 makes one full hour. Same thing happens with the 2 nd servant if I write 0x09.
Then from 3 ° servant is no longer recognized.
The servant are all recognized if I enter the address from 0x00 to 0x07. But in this case are only a 1 / 3 of the tour.
Can you help?
Sorry for my bad English but I translated with google.


Salve, ho acquistato un Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller per 8 servo con seriale RS232.
Ho constatato che i servo inviando il valore 0x00 ed 0xFE, (Mini SSCII mode) con compie una rotazione completa, fa solo 1/3.
Se sostituisco l’indirizzo del 1° servo con il valore 0x08 all’ora compie un giro completo. Stessa cosa accade con il 2° servo se scrivo 0x09.
Poi dal 3° servo non vengono più riconosciuti.
I servo vengono tutti riconosciuti se inserisco l’indirizzo dal 0x00 al 0x07. Ma in questo caso fanno solo un 1/3 del giro.
Potete aiutarmi?
Scusate il mio cattivo inglese ma ho tradotto con google.


It’s a little difficult to follow the translated post, but it sounds like what you are doing should work. Are you sure you are sending 0x0A through 0x0F for the last six servos instead of 0x10-0x16? If you think you are sending the correct values, can you confirm it with an oscilloscope or other independent device?

- Jan

I try to explain better
send data via serial port 0xff 0x00 0xfe
1° servo motor rotates 90°
send data via serial port 0xff 0x01 0xfe
2° servo motor rotates 90°
send data via serial port 0xff 0x02 0xfe
3° servo motor rotates 90°
etc… etc…

send data via serial port 0xff 0x08 0xfe
1, servo motor rotates 180°
send data via serial port 0xff 0x09 0xfe
2° servo motor rotates 180°
other servo motors do not run


What is the next command you are sending that does not work? (For example, what command are you sending to make servo 3 turn 180°?)


Hello, I do not know the command to move the servo motor 3 °.
I tried with 0xff 0x16-0xfe-but does not work.
I do not know what command I send.

0xff 0x0a 0xfe should move servo 3
0xff 0x0b 0xfe should move servo 4
0xff 0x0c 0xfe should move servo 5

- Ben