Pololu micro metal gearmotors

Having looked at the range of these gearmotors it seems as though they are too good to be true - small, light, and apparently able to provide a relatively large amount of torque. I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not the motor, at stall torque, would cause any damage to the geartrains of these gearmotors? I realise it is not recommended to run motors at stall torque, but in case they encountered a temporary heavy load (at which point they would be shut off, however there would be a brief moment where they were stalled), I would like to know if the actual geartrains would be unharmed?

If anyone does have any answers for me, or experience with these gearmotors it would be much appreciated. I am specifically interested in the range of motors which have a ratio of 50:1 up to 298:1 so more information on those would be great!

Many thanks



I just tried stalling one of the 298:1 micro metal gearmotors and it was able to handle being stalled at 6 V for several seconds without damaging the gears. However, suddenly jerking them to stall while they are driving could strip the gears. I ended up damaging the 298:1 motor’s gears by trying to backdrive it while it was stalled.

I don’t think damage to the gears will be an issue for the lower-ratio gearmotors like the 50:1 or the 150:1.

- Ben

Many thanks for the help - now to work out how many I want!