Pololu Maestro

I need some help.
I have a pololu maestro 6 channel.
0 Channel is Servo
5 channel is Input (button) when press button servo opens and closes.
I want to remove button and t t take command from a led (led is in another battery and no connection with maestro). This i need is board(switch) when the led is open to act like switch on when the led is off to act like is switch off to maestro board.

i need a board when is on power to act like switch on and when is not in power to act like switch off to use it on maestro as button.
Thank you.


It is difficult to understand what it is you are saying, but it sounds like you are looking for something like a phototransistor, which can be used as a light-dependent electronic switch. If that does not sound like something that would work for you, can you try describing again how you want you system to behave for a given set of inputs? It might help to include a schematic that shows what is currently in your system.


yes something like this. To act as a switch depended from the led state.