Pololu Maestro Servo Controller Serial Commands

Hi All ,

I 'm using Maestro servo controller via virtual comport(serial communication).
I m working on test application that 's on Pololu web site (MaestroSerialExampleCWindows).
On MaestroSerialExampleCWindows project , I could get position of servo(MaestroGetPosition),
also set position(MaestroSetTarget)).
My Question is ; How can I get device mode (Serial mode usb dual port ,usb chained uart detect baudrate …etc. ) via serial command ?
When looked at commands at user guide nothing found about how to get these kind of settings from device.
Can I use 0x81 command to get parameters or 0x82 set parameteres at serial ?
Thank you for your time.

Hello, Umit.

The Maestro does not support getting (and setting) its device mode via serial commands. However, you could change the serial mode through the Maestro’s native USB interface using the Pololu USB SDK. For more information about the SDK and its examples, see the “Writing PC Software to Control the Maestro” section of the Maestro’s user’s guide.

To get and set the settings of the Maestro using the SDK, you would need to use the methods setUscSettings and getUscSettings. If you need more details about those functions, please read the SDK’s source code and comments, which serves as our main documentation of the Pololu USB SDK.

- Amanda