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Pololu maestro script-settings update without the pololu software

This is question -suggestion.
I need a way to upload settings-script to maestro without the nees of pololu software. Something like exe file or to better way with usb immediatyelly on maestro usb port. That way i can hide secure my scripts from copyright.
Please help.

i mean upload future updates.


It sounds like you have developed a Maestro script that you want to distribute but you want to control who has it and how it is copied.

The Maestro software comes with a command-line utility called UscCmd that you can use for loading settings and a script onto your Maestro. You could write an EXE file that calls UscCmd with the appropriate arguments to write the settings to the Maestro. This would happen in the background without any user interaction. Please note that it would be possible for someone to intercept your script either as you are calling UscCmd or as UscCmd writes it to the Maestro, and I do not think there is a good way to prevent that.


thank you for this info.