Pololu Maestro control center parallel instructions


Is it possible to send parallel instructions (frames) through the sequencer on the Maestro Control center?

The use case I want is to change (and control) the movement of 2 or more servo motors simultaneously.



I moved your post to the Servos and servo controllers section of the forum since it is more relevant to your question.

The Maestro’s sequencer can control each servo channel on every frame, so you can move as many servos as your Maestro can support (e.g. 12 if you have the 12-channel Maestro) each frame. When you save a new frame, the Maestro sequencer will save the position of every servo channel, so if you want to move two in the same frame, you can set them both to the desired position in the “Status” tab of the Maestro Control Center before clicking “Save Frame” in the “Sequence” tab.

If that does not answer your question, can you post more details about what you are trying to do?


This does answer my question. Thanks.

In my project , I am trying to move four servos which are connected to the same arm and I want to move the arm in such a way that multiple servos move at the same time (and not one after the other).

To add to that, is every servo of a single frame in the sequencer executed in ‘parallel’ ?


To move all 4 servos of the arm at the same time, you would move all 4 servos to the position you want, then save the frame in that position. When that frame is played, all 4 servos will be sent to the saved position. In reality, the Maestro will update the servo signals for each channel one at a time, but it will happen so quickly that you can consider it simultaneous for most practical purposes.