Pololu item #: 3412 3-Channel Wide FOV Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Using OPT3101

Dear Pololu support,

I have been using your 3-Channel Wide FOV Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor Using OPT3101 (Pololu #3412) for a few years.
I am very satisfied with its functioning, but unfortunately a few days ago one of the upper infrared sensors came loose from the PCB during a competition and I was no longer able to find it.
I replaced it with a similar one I had at home, but it doesn’t work well.

I therefore have 2 requests for you:

1 - Is it possible to have the code of the IR sensor (see image), so as to be able to replace it and return to correct functioning of the Pololu #3412?
2 - I noticed that the OPT3101 component allows you to change the I2C address, but I don’t see the possibility of doing so on the Pololu #3412 PCB circuit. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Thanks in advance


We do not disclose or commit to those components, but if you contact us directly with a reference to this thread, we might be able to send you some of the parts.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to adjust the OPT3101’s I2C address on our board.

- Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the quick response, I have already contacted Pololu support directly.
Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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