Pololu item #: 2801 - Trigger functionality not working

Hi All,

We have been using the Pololu 2801 RC Switch with Digital Output for a parachute trigger device for the last 4 years or so. In the last several batches that we’ve purchased, we’ve been unable to successfully trigger the switch using our device.

We’ve set up our end to utilize the default parameters (PWM input range of 900us to 2100us) with a trigger threshold above the 1696us default setting. In these last several batches, these default settings are unable to trigger the board and the signal yellow LED is just flashing on a 1s interval, which I believe indicates that the board isn’t seeing a proper PWM input.

Is it possible that the default settings have changed in the last 6 months or so? We’ve verified that everything still works successfully with prior batches of these switches in the same exact setup.



Our production process for these boards (including the firmware that is loaded onto the boards and sets the default parameters) has not changed recently, so I am not sure why you would see different behavior with new boards in the same setup.

I noticed that you also emailed, and I just replied to that. In the future, please let us know if you decide to ask the same question through multiple support channels so we can better coordinate a response.

- Patrick